JBN is passionate about retail and manufacturing focuses on bringing a refreshing change to how business is managed.
Our vision is to deliver competitive cost, high-value solutions to the SME retailers and manufacturing. To bring cutting edge solutions to provide them the necessary impetus and tools, to drive:
  • Better organization, streamline processes
  • Understanding of the business (Sales, Supplies, Customers and Finance)at your fingertips
  • Drive Efficiency, Competitiveness and PROFITABLITY!.

Our solutions aim at:
  • Immediately effect rationalization of: Operational , financial and Inventory
  • Operational & Financial insights to create a differentiation.
  • Web based solution, multi user, across location

PayKraft: PayKraft stores complete records of the employees leave details, bonus, incentives, reimbursement, approval process for leave, bonus, incentive and reimbursement, generates pay-slips and generates pay register, computes all allowances and deductions and generates all Statutory and MIS reports.

IMS: IMS helps retailer and manufacturer to manage inventory, costing and processes. This helps so improve processes w.r.t throughtput, flowtime and associated cost. Inventory is core of the business, few KPIs should be monitored on daily basis like throughput, buildup rate, holding cost, etc. Simply and rapidly handles invoicing, stock management and many more along with customer details via more interactive, user friendly interface. Inventory Software is extremely economical and compliant package for all common Window platforms like XP, Vista etc.

Sales Power: Sales Power software provides salesmen and distributors with enterprise-wide distribution management software solutions to maximize control over operations and inventory and better service customers. It is ideal for operations that need quick order entry procedures, allocation stock based on customer parameters (credit limit, type of customer,etc), stock visibility, pending stock list, etc. The software allows sales head to manage and monitor city, distributor and salesman targets. The sofwtare can be integrated with any external inventory management software like Tally, etc.

Tally Integration: With Tally being the most popular Financial Accounting Software in India today, more and more enterprises are deploying advanced versions of Tally for their Enterprises. Our Tally Integration Services precisely serves integrate Tally with other enterprise applications, in-house developed tools and softwares, Finance dashboard with Drilldown,Critical information on your mobile, Customized reporting,mobile and hand-held devices.


Product Development: JBN specializes in offering its clients with outsourced software product development and custom enterprise application development services. Our delivery models range from Onsite engagements, setting up dedicated ODCs to blended engagements by splitting Onsite / Offshore efforts. We, as an outsourced software development company, help our customers achieve new heights with substantially lower budgeted cost of ownership and reduced Time-to-Market.


Retail BI: A comprehensive Business intelligence suite, specifically designed with SME, and family run retail organizations in mind, it includes Thought provoking dashboards, Intuitive interface to suggesting and leading the user in the analysis process, Personalization of growth goals, seasons e.t.c. to Advanced capabilities such as trends, forecasts and predictions.

Customer Insight:This explores and interprets the hidden patterns of consumer buying, from the vast amount of data available, and then presents it in an easy to comprehend manner, highlights of the suite: Churn Rate & Trends across segments, Product Switching Analysis & Exclusivity Analysis, Cross Selling analysis, RFM Scoring, etc

Customer Loyalty Management:Gone are the days when customers could be enticed by discounts and free gifts. With the middle-class becoming more affluent, mere price economics cannot influence consumer buying. Further, each age-group and income group has its own unique preferences. This, and the fact that there are more brands available today, makes customer loyalty a challenge. Our Loyalty management system allows you to manage customers, segmentation, marketing management and across stores.

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